Breakfast and Lunch All Day, 7 Days a week Open 7:00 - 2:30 103 Southeast 1st Avenue • Ocala, FL • 352-512-0252 The Lunchbox Special Breakfast 2 eggs, homefries, hashbrowns or grits and bacon with toast $5 2 eggs, homefries, hashbrowns or grits and ham or sausage with toast $6 with 3 eggs, $7 Bob’s Spam Breakfast The Lunchbox Specialwith Spam $6 Belgian Waffle with 2 eggs and choice of meat $8 Pancake Plate 2 cakes, 2 eggs, choice of meat $7 French Toast Plate 1/2 French toast, 2 eggs, choice of meat $7 add bananas, chocolate chips, pecans or blueberry for $1 Biscuits and Gravy with 2 eggs, choice of meat $6 Breakfast Sandwich (eggs, cheese & meat) served on toast, biscuit or English muffin $3 with hashbrowns, homefries or grits $5 on a croissant or bagel add $1 Breakfast wrap (eggs, cheese & meat) with homefries or grits $6 Monster wrap ham, bacon, sausage, pepp, onion, chz, home fries, and salsa $5 French Toast 2 pieces $3 4 pieces $5 Country Fried Steak Sandwich (eggs, cheese & steak)w/ homefries, hashbrowns or grits $6 Chicken & Waffles 3 crispy chicken tenders on a light fluffywaffle $7 Breakfast Platters All are served with homefries, hashbrowns, grits or cheese grits and toast. (add $1 for bagel or croissant) One egg breakfast $3 Two egg breakfast $4 Three egg breakfast $5 Pork chops and eggs $8 Country fried steak with gravy and eggs $8 8oz flat iron steak and eggs $9 Corned beef has and eggs $7 16oz ham steak and eggs $10 Omelettes $7 Served with homefries, hashbrowns, grits or cheese grits and toast. Add $1 for egg whites. ~bacon and cheese ~ham and cheese ~turkey and swiss ~3 cheese omlette (pick 3) Specialty Omlettes $8 Served with homefries, hashbrowns, grits or cheese grits and toast. Add $1 for egg whites. ~Meat lovers (ham, bacon, sausage, American cheese) ~Western (ham, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese) ~Greek (spinach, tomatoes, black olives, feta) ~Veggie (onions, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, spinach, tomato and cheese) ~Irish (corned beef, hashbrowns, onions, swiss cheese) Build Your Own Omlette $8 (Pick 3, each add extra $1) Meats ham, bacon, turkey, turkey sausage, veggie sausage, patty sausage, corned beef Veggies spinach, onions, green peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, mushroom, black olives Cheese American, Swiss, cheddar, provolone, feta, bleu Buttermilk Pancakes Short stack $3 Large (3) $4 Add flavor for $1 per stack blueberry, banana, pecan, chocolate chip Add Ons $2 bacon, sausage link, ham, veggie sausage, cranberry sausage, patty sausage, spam, chicken sausage Breakfast Sides & Add Ons Corned beef Hash $3 Toast (white, wheat, rye, cinnamon raisin) $1 Biscuit, english muffin $1 Bagel with cream cheese or croissant $2 Side of gravy $1 Homefries or grits or cheese grits $2 1 egg $1 Hungry Man Biscuits & gravy 2 eggs homefries / grits breakfast sandwich $10 Kid’s Corner (12 and under) Kid’s drink $1 1 cake with bacon $3 1/2 French toast $3 1 egg with homefries or grits and toast $3 Steakburgers All served with waffle fries, curley fries, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli, chips, potato salad or coleslaw Burger $7 Cheeseburger $8 Bacon Cheese Burger $9 Western Burger $9 with sauteed onions, mushrooms, bacon and white American cheese Bleu Cheese Burger $9 with sauteed onions and mushrooms and bleu cheese crumbles Double Burger with cheese $10 Blackbean Burger (veggie product) $8 Patty Melt $9 sauteed onions, 1000 Island and Swiss cheese on grilled rye Double Grilled Cheesy Burger 1 patty $10   2 pattys $11 Salads Side Salad $3 Chef Salad $7 (ham, turkey, swiss, cheddar) Greek Salad $7  add ham $1 (tomatoes, black olives, feta) Chicken Caesar $8 Summer Delight $9 (grilled chicken, almonds, feta, fruit, raspberry vin. dressing) Lunch Platters All served with waffle fries, curley fries, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli, chips, potato salad or coleslaw BLT $5 Chicken Salad sandwich $7 Served on a croissant JK Special $8 One hamburger patty with side of steamed broccoli and fries add another patty $3 Corned Beef Reuben $9 Turkey Reuben with slaw $9 BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich $8 Philly Cheesesteak $8 Beef or chicken with peppers, onions, mushrooms with American cheese Also available as a wrap! Add buffalo sauce to spice it up! Three Cheese Sandwich with tomato $6 Classic Grilled Cheese $5 Grilled Veggie and Cheese (wrap or sub) $7 onions, peppers, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomato Turkey and Cheese Sandwich $7 Served hot or cold Club Deluxe $8 ham, turkey, bacon and cheese Chicken Caesar Wrap $8 lettuce tomato Parmesan cheese & croutons Chicken Ranch Wrap $8 lettuce, tomatoes, onion, ranch Skinny Hawaiian Chicken Wrap $8 teriyaki chicken and pineapple Chicken Tender Meal $8 five crispy strips Grilled Chicken sandwich $9 with bacon and cheddar cheese served on a bun Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich $9 with ham and swiss Lunch Sides & Add Ons Curley Fries, Waffle Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Steamed Broccoli, Chips, Cottage Cheese Potato Salad or Cole slaw $2 Extra Dressing - ranch, bleu cheese, italian, honey mustard, caesar, greek, 1000 Island add $1 Kid’s Corner (12 and under) Kid’s drink $1 Grilled Cheese with Fries $4 Chicken Fingers with Fries $4 Dine In / Take out Call Ahead to have your order ready Breakfast Catering Available • 352-512-0252 Delivery Available (subject to certain distances) Min. order $20 Drinks Coffee $2 free refills  | Tea (iced or hot) $2 free refills Nesquick Chocolate Milk (no refills) $2  Bottled juice $2 Juice (no refills) small $2 large $3 | 5 oz. can V8 juice $1 orange, apple apple, orange, cranberry Hot Chocolate $2  | Soda $2 free refills  | Milk (no refills) $2 The owners of The Lunchbox grew up in Ocala and are glad they can come back here and contribute to the town’s economic growth. Their first Lunchbox restaurant was opened in Tallahassee over 10 years ago and is a favorite among many. This menu is the same for both locations. Visit Our Facebook Page -> Visit Our Facebook Page -> Contact Us Copyright 2013 The Lunchbox Ocala